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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Home Improvement Effort Update

The construction of the new basement support beam is finished and only the sanding and texturing of the new sheetrock remains to be finished by the construction crew the spouse hired. They have done a very thorough job and the work looks terrific. I expect to be painting on the weekend. (And I still need to post a couple pictures...)

As predicted, the carpet shopping has begun in earnest. We have been out a couple times looking and have settled on a general style and color, now we just need to find the right one... I've measured it out to be 40 square yards, including the stairs, or 360 square feet, depending on which store's measurement and pricing we happen to be looking at.

Its tricky this carpet shopping, since there is such differences in warranty time frames and the distraction of doing the math between square feet and square yards to figure out what the real price might be. Plus each store has a different method for figuring pad and installation costs, so getting a apples to apples comparison between stores is a real pain.

But, there's no rush since I'm paying for this upfront and not financing anything, so it might still take until Christmas, (as I predicted) before new carpet adorns our family room floor.

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